Virtually everyone enjoys the great outdoors throughout spring and summer. However, whether you are having a pool party, an outdoor gathering of friends and family, or simply having a fun morning or afternoon in your own backyard, nothing can ruin the day faster than swarms of mosquitoes. No one should be at the mercy of these annoying insects or be victims of their itchy, painful bites. Fortunately, with an automatic mosquito misting system, you can eradicate these troublesome pests and spend as much time as you desire outside throughout the summer.

Avoiding Mosquito Bites During Summer

Mosquitoes are active all summer long, but are particularly troublesome during the early morning hours and after the sun sets. This is because their wings are very fragile, and therefore sensitive to sunlight.

Mosquito control is important to almost all homeowners, especially those who enjoy spending time outside. Fortunately, there are various systems that can be used to keep you and your friends and family bite-free when the weather turns hot. For example, you can use mosquito repellent on your skin and clothes to make yourself a bit less appealing to these irksome insects.

Additionally, sprays can be purchased for outdoor use around patios, pools, gardens and ponds where mosquitoes may gather. Electrical “zappers” are also an option, which draw mosquitoes and other pests with their light and then electrocute them upon contact. However, some consumers prefer more low-maintenance, permanent solutions for mosquitoes. If you find yourself in this category and do not want to bother with sprays or electrical devices, a mosquito misting system is the ideal solution.

Automatic Mosquito Control

Misting mosquito control systems automatically spray a very fine insecticide mist through a series of nozzles installed in various places in your backyard and other areas of your property. After these nozzles are properly installed, the system essentially disappears into the landscape without changing the beautiful appearance of your yard, garden, patio or outdoor swimming area.

As the fine, barely visible mist drifts around your yard and property, it settles on shrubs, trees, grass and botanical growth around fountains or ponds. The chemicals in the mist kill mosquitoes on contact. As an additional benefit, the formula also helps to control other unwanted guests on your property, such as gnats, flies, spiders and fruit flies.

The automatic mosquito misting system eliminates mosquitoes and other pests for months at a time and the system requires little or no maintenance. It can be set to work automatically or you can operate it with a hand held remote, depending on your personal preferences. Ultimately, whichever option you choose, you are assured of worry-free outdoor mosquito control throughout the summer season.