How To Control Mosquitoes In a Wooded Area

Wooded area mosquito control is essential to avoid bites from these insects. You may want to enjoy a hike or go fishing in a wooded region, but it is impossible because there is a huge population of mosquitoes that make you miserable. Mosquitoes can transmit an assortment of diseases while feasting on your blood. Some of the diseases that mosquitoes can transmit to you include:

• West Nile virus
• Malaria
Saint Louis encephalitis
• Zika virus
• Dengue

When you have a mosquito-borne illness, you can have problems such as fever or nausea, and some types of these diseases can affect fetuses, leading to medical complications.

Why Do Wooded Areas Attract Mosquitoes?

The areas with a lot of trees can attract mosquitoes that are seeking breeding locations. Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs on stagnant water. The areas with numerous trees may have decayed tree stumps where pools of rainwater collect, and these locations are perfect places for female mosquitoes to lay eggs. Some trees have wide dips between branches, providing additional locations for the rainwater to collect. Pools of rainwater may also collect on the soil, especially underneath piles of leaves, and this water is perfect for the mosquitoes.

Remove Trash and Decayed Tree Stumps

Property owners may want to remove decayed tree stumps or piles of leaves from a wooded area, but this is a labor-intensive process. In addition, the removal of these natural substances can disturb the delicate balance of nature in a forested area. Experts recommend removing trash from wooded regions because mosquitoes can breed in old soft drink cans and cups along with other items such as vehicle tires.

Use Special Traps To Eliminate the Mosquitoes

If there are any ponds or lakes in the wooded area, then draining these areas or cleaning the water can reduce the population of mosquitoes. However, altering the condition of the water can also eliminate other animals and foliage that are important for the ecosystem. Rather than disrupting the ecosystem, you can place specialized mosquito traps in the trees to capture mosquitoes. Some types of mosquito traps are designed for making male mosquitoes sterile so that the insects cannot breed with the female mosquitoes.

Contact a Professional Mosquito Treatment Company

Contacting a professional company for wooded area mosquito control is a better option because it is fast and easy. A mosquito treatment service will spray nontoxic chemicals in a wooded area to eliminate the existing flying insect population. These chemicals will also repel the majority of invasive mosquitoes for several weeks. You can arrange routine mosquito treatments to control the population of flying insects so that you can enjoy recreational activities in the wooded area.