How To Handle Fire With Fire Extinguisher

Fire is one of the incidents that must be wary of any environment, including at work. The omission in using electrical equipment – which can happen to anyone – creates the risk of sparks that can ignite fires.

Indeed, every workplace and other buildings are required to have safety standards in preventing fires. However, sometimes these standards are not enough to prevent the emergence of flames.

Reported from various sources, here are some steps that can be taken in the event of a fire at work.

1. Do not Panic

When events occur unexpectedly, panic will only dispel concentration and encourage the appearance of carelessness. Rescue routes or workplaces that are already in the memory can also be removed instantly by panic.

Try to stay calm and recall work plan or safety route. Usually the plan or safety route is attached near the stairs or lift.

2. Turn off Electrical Equipment

When hearing fire alarms, do not rush to leave the desk. Usually the fire occurs due to the short-circuit electrical current, so it is best to turn off or remove electrical equipment. then secure documents that are important.

3. Protect the Respiratory Channels

When the point of fire is close enough, then smoke can be inevitable. Immediately protect your nose and mouth with tissues, wet tissues, handkerchiefs or even tops that are used. The smoke of the inhaled fires can be bent.

Smoke will move upwards, so as to bend the body as low as possible, or crawl it. When trapped in smoke in crowded conditions, it remains in its original position, but remains in the body. Keep your nose and mouth shut and breathe slowly.

4. Follow the Evacuation Guide

Usually if a fire occurs in a building, there will be a hardener that provides directions to the building occupants. If not, follow the usual evacuation instructions installed on the wall.

One thing to keep in mind is do not get out of the building using the elevator because it is feared to stop suddenly during emergency conditions.

In addition to being trapped inside the lift, people can also experience nerve disorders due to a sudden stop lift. In such situations, it is advisable to use an emergency staircase.

5. Do not Get Stuck in Crowd

The cause of the number of firefighters is usually due to building occupants that focus on one access exit building. The residents of the building were cramped and then inhaled the smoke and fainted.

Better if trapped in crowds, try to find another way, either by the end of the room, hallway or ladder.

If possible, one can exit through the window, with note if the window position is not too high from the ground. To cope with anxiety from height, try sitting in the window frame. Push the body slowly with both hands, keep your body tense. Try to land with both legs and knees do not get locked out.

How Much Fire Extinguisher Price 1 Kg?

Each size of this portable fire extinguisher has its own functionality according to the assigned classification according to the room category.

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