Tips On Choosing Domestic Helper

Talk housekeeper that is not endless, if lucky, can be a good and feel at home but if again apes, yes can be a tired heart.

Now I want to share tips on how to choose a maid to work in our house. Of course, these tips are based on experience, So very subjective:

  • Determine the auxiliary criteria we want. Whether to hire experienced maid service, whether mature or young. This is to facilitate the dealer or foundation in finding employees for us. So I’m not disappointed when I want to take.
  • Check the reputation of the channeling agent or foundation. So far I only use the services of maid service Coeur d’Alene who recommended friends who already use the services of those who already use their services. Or if no recommendations from friends then can find info on the internet. Many forums discuss the foundations so we can get a good picture. Well, experience talks yes.
  • Make a deal at the beginning either with the dealer/foundation and with the helpers. If the dealer/foundation we need to ask the warranty period and how many times can change if not suitable. For Homemakers, we explain about salary, type of work until their day off. Also tell us about how they should do homework, whether using a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or not. Well, must say bitter-bitter first in front of the same level of expectation.
  • Conduct interview (or even face-to-face first) before deciding to hire the person. So, some distributors (especially those outside the city) when contacted to say there is a stock of Domestic Helpers and they try to convince us I that all their stocks are good. Pas was driven to the house, I was disappointed because it was fittingly asked why it was far from expectations. So if there is a dealer from outside the city, we’d a better talk first to prospective helpers it via telephone.
  • List the first questionnaire for an interview. Usually, I will ask for background, an experience can be a cook or not and most important is the reason to quit from the former employer. From here we can also explore what kind of helper personality and about whether or not to match us.
  • Trust instinct. If this pass interview is the heart or feeling already not good mending not taken. You see, that heart is our closest friend, he has the instinct to keep us from danger so believe in our instincts. If we have been sensitive can actually be felt.

Well, that was tips on finding a housemaid. If you want to be old or young, experience or not then it depends on the preference hell. I myself prefer to have an experience of about 1-3 years, usually still be formed and work ethic already exists.